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Electric Drives Concepts And Applications By Vedam Subrahmanyam Rapidshare MAXSPEED

Electric Drives Concepts And Applications By Vedam Subrahmanyam Rapidshare MAXSPEED ➡
Electric drive concept, Power modulators, Motors used in drives,.n Krishnakant control; Electric actuators from Vedamsubrahmanyam. net, Republican unitary enterprise "Industrial and technical center "Veldas", etc., in the automotive industry sector, etc.
Circuit breaker control, Automatic control, Opening control scheme, Automatic control mode, Control, Speed indication, System pressure drop control, Stereo measurements, Configuration, Motor control schemes and others.
Re-programming, Automatic stop, Emergency and work light, Multilingual display, Other loads, Other types of software.
Gross Weight, Basic Weight, Light Weight, Gross Weight, Power Consumption, Overall Dimensions, Mounting Dimensions.
In the Bosch system, Other, Refueling with refrigerant (HFC), System replenishment (HCL) with process pump, Hydraulic wiring systems, Low pressure automation, Engines, Automatics and more.
Sanitary engineering
In 2002, the premises for the maintenance department were reconstructed. The premises were renovated: doors and windows were repaired, walls and partitions were repaired, flooring was repaired, internal engineering systems were replaced, additional equipment was installed.
The saved heat was used for cooking with the help of an electric, thermal and gas cooker, an automatic washing machine and a refrigerator, heat energy meters were installed.
The main goal in the reconstruction of the enterprise is to create conditions for the successful work of employees responsible for the maintenance and repair of the ventilation system. As part of the reconstruction, ventilation and air conditioning were replaced with modern ones.
Particular attention was paid to organizing the location of the equipment that will be serviced.
Reconstruction and modernization works were carried out: 1. New engineering networks are indicated: Heating and cooling systems: Water supply and sewerage from steel pipes. Automation, burglar alarm, fire alarm system and video surveillance system, Smoke extractor.
2. Ventilation: Smoke extraction from exhaust ventilation (with two fans), and toilet-bidet, Gas appliances (gas and electric stoves, microwave ovens). Maintenance of gas household appliances, Storage of gas stoves and gas burners, Electrical engineering f02ee7bd2b